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Unlock the stories hidden in your marketing data

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Transform scattered marketing data into compelling narratives with DataGems. Experience the power of data-driven storytelling with AI powered marketing agents. Try it now for insightful updates on the go.

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Explore your marketing data like never before
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Discover the insights that matter most to your business with our intuitive automated marketing analytics platform:

  1. DataGems logoUtilize prebuilt or fully customizable templates to showcase success and progress internally.
  2. DataGems logoChoose from a wide range of metrics to inform and communicate to critical operational decision makers.
  3. DataGems logoLeverage a team of AI data agents to track the changes in your marketing data.
  4. DataGems logoKeep your data fresh with automatic updates to alert your marketing team in real-time.
  5. DataGems logoReport key insights to your team and stakeholders, instilling the data culture internally.

With these tools at your disposal, stay ahead of the curve by consistently uncovering valuable data-driven marketing gems.

Powering several marketing use cases
DataGems logoAds Spend Optimization
An early-stage startup can now effortlessly optimize ad spend across Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads with AI-driven recommendations.

By aggregating data into a unified analysis, the AI agent analyzes performance metrics to suggest which campaigns to discontinue and which to increase budget for, maximizing ROI.
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$50 /mth

1 seat

2 data connectors

200 AI credits per month


Great for SMBs and scale ups

$300 /mth

5 seats

5 data connectors

1500 AI credits per month


Great for enterprise

Custom number seats

Custom number connectors

Custom number of AI credits

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