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Explore your data like never before
Maximize your data's potential with customized insights and storytelling designed to improve decision-making and communication.
DataGems logoDiscover Gems in Your Data

Discover the insights that matter most to your business with our intuitive analytics platform:

  1. DataGems logoUtilize prebuilt or fully customizable templates to showcase success and progress internally.
  2. DataGems logoChoose from a wide range of metrics to inform and communicate to critical operational decision makers.
  3. DataGems logoDecide how to present your data with various visualization options for clearer communication.
  4. DataGems logoKeep your data fresh with automatic updates to track your product performance in real-time.
  5. DataGems logoEffortlessly report key insights to your team and stakeholders, instilling the data culture internally.

With these tools at your disposal, stay ahead of the curve by consistently uncovering valuable data-driven gems.


Paste in Text

Paste in text to create a new data story.

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Create from a one-line prompt in a few seconds.

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Import a File

Import a csv to be transformed into a data story.

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DataGems logoAI-Generated Workspaces

Begin your data exploration journey with a simple prompt or by pasting your notes. Our platform simplifies your analysis process:

  1. DataGems logoInstantly generate AI-powered insights to understand the wider impact and feedback loop of your work.
  2. DataGems logoPrompt ideas on operational, strategic or product improvement using data.
  3. DataGems logoChoose the insights that best fit and complete your narrative.
  4. DataGems logoCraft your story with ease using our customizable templates.
  5. DataGems logoSeamlessly integrate insights into your existing workflows.

Discover a new way to work with your data, enhancing your understanding and storytelling with ease.

Tell compelling stories, backed with data.
Share the insights using a format that is best suited for your audience and through the most efficient channels.
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Canva style storytelling interface

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Integration with the tools youDataGems logo

Push Notifications

Engaging video updates

Engaging Video Updates

Data-driven voice note

Voice Notes

Timely push data notifications

Your data sources,
integrated in minutes
Simply select the tools you use internally and authenticate your account in order to get access to powerful data models.
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Hear the stories from our clients
Understand how flexible the DataGems platform can be.
DataGems logoData-driven culture for product teams
A B2C product company aims to engage its product teams in enhancing product features using data, which can be shared within their preferred collaboration tools.

Founders and product heads can now
collate data from various sources, including product analytics, the App Store, Google Play, and social media, to gain additional context and derive more comprehensive insights.
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